Saturday, December 13, 2014

Samsung wireless soundbar the best soundbar for the money

Be prepared for the sound
Do you realise you are seated upon the very edge of your couch as you're watching TELEVISION or perhaps video gaming? It is extremely probable that you are unable to hear the ity bity built in speakers your TV has? In that case, grab the samsung HW-H550 sound bar system so that you can finally sit back and unwind. The HW-H550 sound-bar throws wave after wave of audio throughout the room resulting in the greatest sound experience. In addition, it includes a wireless bass speaker which tops off the surround-sound with thunderous bass. Really the only good reason to stay on the edge of the chair should be a anxious scene in the film.
samsung soundbar
Setup options make thrilling sound easy
This soundbar gives you the option for hanging on the wall or it can be place on the same stand together with your television. What about the sub woofer you say? The subwoofer can set anyplace. The sub woofer syncs wirelessly through bluetooth using the sound bar, and that means you aren't required to run rather long cables to enjoy strong bass in which tv sound systems can not provide. Powerful bass means those action movies will explode with life in your living room. Should you be concerned about awakening your kids, better half, or others who live nearby in the course of an action filled dvd scene? The great Smart Volume option reduces major within sound, both in a flick and also as you're watching television having annoyingly loud commercial interruptions.

Bluetooth features mean more than just music
Keep your smartphone around when you're near this sound bar. It's easy to connect the bluetooth wireless sound bar to the smartphone. Full range vibrant audio is going to fill the room straight from your mobile phone. This great soundbar is so magnificent you can also switch it on using your smartphone. The HW-H550 will also hook up with your own personal wireless bluetooth enabled Television, offering you far more set up possibilities. This is a lot more Wireless bluetooth functionality than we were familiar with seeing in bars or most other home audio components.
sony tv sound bar
A USB port, as well
This really is one of the very first soundbars to be able to come with a USB dock. You actually won't come across this unique option on a number of the many other soundbars within this price range. You could load a flash drive with all your favourite electronic tunes, insert flash drive in the rearpanel slot, and let it stay in there, this means you always have popular music cued up and available to play. Even with a wall-mounted sound bar, you won't lose access to the USB port. The Samsung sound bar, includes an adapter and a cable so you can easy access the slot even when it is installed to the wall.

It does not get much better than this The top end 1500$ Paradigm sound-bar could have some what better audio, however it will certainly put a massive hole in your audio spending budget. Samsungs HW-H550 eliminates all of the competitors inside its price range, and also provides top end audio for a midrange price. If you currently have the spending budget, choosing the Paradigm sound-bar would be the best option. However, if your looking for great sound at an even better price the HW-H550 wins hands down.